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Kelleher & Rogers Offers Professional Estate Planning Services

More often than not, spouses, children and other heirs have little or no appreciation or knowledge of the hobby that has provided us with countless hours of enjoyment. For those of us who have been active collectors for twenty years or more, items we may have purchased for a few dollars way back when can now yield hundreds, or in some case, thousands of dollars when sold. When we are no longer here, who can coach our loved ones through the myriad of issues relating to the professional sale of our collections?

Kelleher & Rogers has been synonymous with Chinese, Asian and Worldwide Philately since 1982. We have bought, sold and auctioned millions of dollars worth of stamps during that period and have become the largest, most respected firm in our area. Our commitment and expertise extends to publishing and literature, and we are proud to be able to provide our clients with the only true, full-service program in North America, including a professional appraisal service by respected experts in our field to handle estates, our world famous Public Auctions and Mail Sales, and a very significant private treaty network which extends the world over.

It is never too early to contact us to arrange for the future handling of your estate. Our services and recommendations are highly professional and strictly confidential. We can provide secure peace of mind to you, knowing that your lifetime pursuit will receive the attention it deserves.

Why not contact us today? Of course, you are under no obligation, and the consultation service is provided free of charge.

Call today and ask for David Coogle or Larry Gibson. We will be most happy to discuss any particulars with you.





When it’s time to sell your collection you want...

  1. Top Price
  2. Immediate Payment
  3. Professional Service

With Kelleher & Rogers you can count on all three.

While we are best known for China/Asia, we buy all types of US/Worldwide stamp and postal history collections. We require a wide array of specialized one-country collections, accumulations, dealer stocks, and individual rarities to satisfy our growing Worldwide collector base.

You can be assured of top price for your stamps. Our professional team brings over 120 years of experience and knowledge to help in evaluating your holdings. We are the philatelic auction house in the South.

While we do buy material subject to our requirements, quite often we will recommend consigning to our Public Auctions or Mail Sales for other holdings (minimum $800) value). Bring or mail your collection to us, or for larger properties we will travel to your home, business or bank, whichever you prefer. We've been in business serving collectors since 1972.

We are members in good standing of over thirty professional and collector societies including the American Stamp Dealers’ Association, the American Philatelic Society, and the Collector’s Club of New York.

    When it’s time to sell, why settle for less? Contact us today.



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