Mike's Reminiscences

by Michael Rogers


Mike's Reminiscences appear monthly in
The American Stamp Dealer & Collector Magazine
& also here on our site.
Table of Contents



July 2010   Starting Off
September 2010 Hiring The Best People We Can
October 2010 How I Became A China Dealer
November 2010 I Know My Limitations
January 2011 You Never Know What's Coming In The Door
February 2011 Good Fortune
March 2011 Patrick, Front and Center
April 2011 I'll Never Forget That Phone Call: Anne Marie
May 2011  I Sure Enjoy Collecting
June 2011 "Aren't You The Eager One?" -- Judd Nevenzel
July-August 2011 Road Trip -- Jim Keaney

September 2011 Jacques Minkus
October 2011 The Makings of a Stamp Dealer
November-December 2011 The Bateman China Accumulation
January 2012Finds!

February 2012 The Building of our China/Asia Business
March 2012 Winter Park Stamp Shop
April 2012 John McDaniel
May 2012 Our First Postal Auction
June 2012 Evaluating A Stamp Collection
July August 2012China Soars
September 2012 Always Tell the Truth
October 2012 Andy Levitt
November-December2012 Encounters With A Competitor
January 2013 Florida Stamp and Coin
February 2013. Confederates and Zeppelins
March 2013 Starting Our Public Auctions
April 2013 Negotiating
May 2013 Respect
June 2013 Becoming a China/Asia Dealer
July-August 2013 Purchasing
September 2013 Starting the Winter Park Stamp Shop
October 2013 Our Auction Business
November-December 2013. From Coins to Stamps
January 2014Children Learn Early From Stamps
February 2014 Stamp Show Moments to Be Treasured
March 2014 A Herd of Buffalo
April 2014The Unforgettable Herman Herst
May 2014 Me and the Declaration of Independence
June 2014 Discoveries Sometimes Come in Unusual Ways



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