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Public Auction 111

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June 26, 2008 at 6:00 PM EST

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357357*1912 1/2c - $5 Coiling Dragons, Carp and Goose overprinted Statistical Dept. set of 15, F-VF LH. (Sc 148-60 cat val $585.40 / Chan 2000 152-66 cat val $711.20)$400.00$750.00
358358U1912 1c Coiling Dragon with inverted Commercial Press overprint accompanied by a 2008 China Stamp Society photo certificate. (Sc 161a cat val $375 / Chan 167c)$250.00$200.00
359359*1912 1c Commercial Press double overprint on Coiling Dragon, dry gum, bright color. (Sc 161c cat val $450)$250.00$200.00
360360*1912 Yuan Shi Kai commemorative set. Most values with hinge remnants except the key $5. (Sc 190-201 cat val $385.50)$220.00$300.00
361361*1913 1/2c - $5 London Printing unit of 18 values, lacking only the $10. A choice, bright assemblage. (Sc 202-19 cat val $646)$400.00$450.00
362362UFamine Relief Stamp. Issued by unknown agency, possibly for 1917 Northeast floods. Imperf 10c Pink. (Bohannon F9c cat val RRR)$150.00$750.00
363363*/U1921 1c-$50 Famine Relief Fund stamp set of 8. Top value $50 is used. Rest are mint, some hinge remains. Fresh, bright color on all. All F-VF. (Chan AP53-60)$600.00
364364*1915-9 First Peking Print 1/2c - $10 complete set of 21 values (not including the $20 Yellow and Black). Fine-VF centering. Several values Never Hinged. (Sc 221-39, 240-1 cat val $1,256.65)$900.00$950.00
image not
365*/U1921 Small collection on Scott Specialty, 1c to $5. Includes imprint block of 8 for 1c, overprints "City Electric Bureau" on 10c and revalued $5 on 5c. Eight 10c values with unusual cancels, 2 philatelic covers, 10 singles plus block of 4 and 6. Nice$200.00$100.00
366366**/*1920's 50c Reaper postal forgery perf 16 block of 4, VF. (Sc 235v)$500.00
367367**1920's 10c Junk postal forgery imprint block of 12, usual centering.$240.00$120.00
368368U1919 $20 Hall of Classics Yellow and Black, a gem. (Sc 247 / Chan 2000 248 cat val $1,800)$1,200.00$1,350.00
369369*1923 $20 Second Peking Print Hall of Classics Plum and Blue lightly hinged, horizontal wrinkle. (Sc 269 cat val $500)$150.00$280.00
370370**1939 8c Olive Green vertical strip perforated so as to appear bottom stamp not printed. An impressive and striking variety. (Sc 353)$200.00
371371*1942 Shensi DPP, an outstanding block of 4 showing double overprint variety, an incredible rare multiple, Very Fine and choice. (Sc 525n var / Chan 640b cat val $1,600)$1,000.00$500.00
372372**1942 Kweichow Domestic Postage Paid, bottom margin block, VF. (Sc 526o cat val $1,000 / Ma 750 / Chan 635)$600.00$375.00
373373**1942 East Szechwan DPP overprint, a splendid horizontal pair, perf 10 1/2 variety, fresh and Very Fine. A very rare pair. (Sc 526r / Chan 629c)$1,200.00
374374**1943 (March 13) 16 Central Trust issue re-surcharged 50 cents. Trial surcharge, small character. (Sc 527kv / Ma 759v / Chan 673v)$200.00$250.00
375375**1942 Hunan 50c on 16c perforated 10 1/2 x 11, probably the scarcest of this group. (Sc 530 var / Ma 811 / Chan 647f cat val $750)$250.00$200.00
376376**1942 General issue 50c on 16c perforated 11 1/2 block of 4, VF. (Sc 530 var / Ma 818 / Chan 2000 642k cat val $340)$200.00
377377**1943 20c on 13c Shensi Regional Surcharge, a choice bottom margin block of 4 showing double surcharge variety, pristine, Very Fine NH. Very rare variety. (Sc 533n / Ma 875 var / Chan 2000 754b cat val $2,200)$800.00$500.00
378378*1943 20c on 28c Kiangsi Surcharge, an eye-catching, bottom margin block of 4 showing a spectacular, upward surcharge shift. Fresh and Very Fine, no gum. An exceptionally scarce multiple. (Sc 549E / Ma 864 var / Chan 2000 717b cat val $1,000)$150.00$150.00
379379**1946 (Jan) $30 on 1/2c Hong Kong Martyr watermark inverted and reversed. Signed 'Chen' and others, accompanied by Peter Hille photo certificate. Very rare. (Sc 648 / Chan 2000 903 cat val $2,000)$1,500.00
380380**1949 $5000 on $100 Revenue, unissued. (Sc 936 cat val $300)$200.00$260.00
381381**1949 $500,000 Hankow Print margin block of 4, Fine centering, never hinged. A brown oily spot shows thru pos. 4 at bottom. (Sc 945 / Chan 2000 G125 cat val $900)$500.00$280.00
382382**1949 $5,000,000 Hankow print block of 4, an incredible rarity in wonderful condition, VF NH. (Sc 947 / Chan 2000 G127 cat val $4,000+)$3,200.00$6,750.00
383383U1949 $,5000,000 Postally used horizontal pair. Scarce multiple. (Sc 947 cat val $1,100)$700.00$1,100.00
384384*1949 1c-500c Coarse impression redrawn Sun Yat Sen set of 9. Issued without gum, VF. (Sc 973-81 cat val $1,011 / Chan 522-30)$600.00$325.00
385385*1949 500c Sun Yat Sen coarse print. Issued without gum. (Sc 981 / Chan 2000 S30 cat val $600)$360.00$200.00
386386**1949 40c Bronze Bull imperf imprint block. NH although insignificant mark on reverse. (Sc 990v / Chan 2000 S32e cat val $1,200)$600.00$500.00
387387**1912 7th issue Express Delivery Imperial Post Delivery, central part has Chinese characters instead of English. Background of 35 lines. Parts B, C, D, #0022o. (Sc E8 / Chan E7b)$800.00$600.00
388388**1913 10c Express Delivery complete attached strip of 5 parts. Low #0030o. (Sc E9 / Chan 2000 E8 cat val $600)$300.00$550.00
389389U1916 Right hand end piece chopped "Hung Hsien" and with Feb 2 Peking cancel. On Feb 1 express stamps had been demonetized and each portion marked "A", "B", "C" and "D" (L to R). This piece is chopped with a boxed "D" and also a boxed "Peking 5". (Sc$500.00
390390U1922 or 1923. Set of 4 Famine Relief stamps issued by unknown agency. Priced as "RRR" by Bohannon who "has never seen them." (Bohannon F8a-d)$200.00$800.00
391391**1944 Military overprint on 8c Olive Green bottom margin partial imprint block of 10 (5x2) with inverted right character (pos. 3). Signed H L Chung in selvage. (Sc M11a / Ma MP6 / Chan 2000 M1 cat val $527+)$360.00$290.00

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